Trust lies in karma ayurveda

Our treatment focusses on

  • E – ELECTOLYTE IMBALNCE Administration
  • U – SERUM UREA Administration
  • C – SERUM CREATNINE Administration

Step by step the reliance of patients on our prescriptions decreases as the renal tissue gets repaired to the sought degree.

Kidney Treatment

Ayurvedic medicine and Treatment in delhi

Facilitate our treatment takes a shot at

  • Treating harmed kidney
  • Treating body tissue(dhatus)
  • Treating known cause

Accordingly of which-

  • Kidney harm somewhat or completely revesed
  • Dialysis frequence is decreased
  • Decreased danger of cardiovascular sicknesses

As indicated by ayurved,this sicknesses is brought on by blockage of moment body channels called strotas.body diverts included for this situation is mutrvastrotas. Mutravaha strotas conveys pee and are in charge of the stream of fluid into and out of kidneys.

in the event that there are blockages in approaching strotas,the kidneys are denied liquids and shrinkage happens and if there are blockages in ougoing strotas,swelling happens.

At karma ayurveda we have exceptionally powerful ayurvedic treatment that can clean these channels and decreases swelling and revives the kidney other than strenghting the kidneys and reestablishing its filtration limit. The line of treatment can take out the requirement for dependence upon dialysis.


Kidneys have an essential part in keeping up health,when sound the kidneys keeps up the body's inside balance of water and minerals. At karma ayurveda we works towards reviving your kidney by immaculate herbs with all herbs being tried under the most recent GMP offices.


Kidney ailment can once in a while prompts to kidney disappointment (otherwise called end-organize renal infection). The three conceivable medications offered by allopathy are:


  • An approach to misleadingly purge squanders and additional liquid from the blood. Blood is pumped out of the body through a machine for purging and after that returned over into the body
  • It is normally required three or four times each week and every treatment may last up to 4 hours
  • A strict eating routine must be taken after with an assortment of medications and supplements

Peritoneal Dialysis (PD):

  • A perpetual delicate tube called a catheter is utilized to fill the guts with a purging fluid called dialysis arrangement
  • The dividers of the stomach cavity are fixed with a film called the peritoneum. The peritoneum lets waste and additional liquid go from blood into the dialysis arrangement. Waste and liquid then leave the body when the dialysis arrangement is depleted. This is called a trade
  • PD patients should likewise take after eating routine limitations however it is not as strict as Hemodialysis weight control plans

Kidney Transplant:

  • This is a procedure where a sound kidney is set from someone else into the body
  • The new kidney assumes control over the work of the two fizzled kidneys
  • The gave kidney may originate from a living benefactor or from somebody who has quite recently kicked the bucket

while dialysis can be a symptomatic relief,but at karma ayurveda we can resuscitate and rejuvinate the kidney to the craved degree