A kidney problem needs to be dealt within 1 to 12 months of its diagnosis. It is difficult to anticipate an exact period when the kidney disease progresses, but it is an individual's reaction and its advancement fluctuates fundamentally.

Is it safe to mix Ayurveda with other types of treatment?

It is absolutely safe to proceed with solutions along with your current treatment. There is no damage in taking supplements or drugs you are subject to, over the span of the treatment. However, it is advised to stick to one type of medications once the change sets in. Any adjustment in your allopathic meds ought to be educated to your Ayurvedic doctor.

In what ways it is not quite the same as Allopathy?

In Ayurveda, we regard the overall health of the patient and not as a solitary ailment for one problem. In Ayurveda, we concentrate on treating only one problem and incurring side effects on other parts. Thus, Ayurvedic prescription prompts for lasting change, unlike Allopathy.

An allopathic framework does not take a shot at change even in the primary phase of kidney dysfunction. They imagine that eventually, the patient needs to go for dialysis or kidney transplantation sooner or later. Also, they do not make a big deal about further harm to kidneys and additionally they prescribe Diuretics which may bring about drying out if an individual is inadequate in legitimate liquid admission as found in many patients in this way, they can never enhance the kidney capacities in such cases. Diuretics are essentially used to ensure the heart to get over-burden by aggregation of water in the body.

Does Ayurvedic treatment a 100% cure for kidney failure?

Ayurveda is outstanding for long-term lasting treatment. However, its prosperity rate relies on upon the degree to which basic or neurotic changes have occurred. But with time and properly planned diet, patients are seen recovering from such a condition.

Will my condition most noticeably bad amid Ayurvedic treatment?

No, your condition won't turn out to be most exceedingly bad amid Ayurvedic treatment rather it will lead to an effective change in your condition. Patients may encounter our treatment as effective and may also upgrade the overall health of the kidney patient.

Can my condition reoccur after Ayurvedic treatment?

After complete Ayurvedic treatment, the kidney problems normally don't reoccur. The recovery under such condition is long-lasting. However, time for recuperation and power of recuperation may differ among kidney patients.

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