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The damage done to the kidney can be repaired using the herbs and GFR test (Renal scan DTPA).We are successfully treating chronic kidney diseases patients all over the world with herbal medications and balance diet plans. The medications here are personally prescribed by Dr. Puneet Dhawan. All the medications here are effective, and the recovery can be seen in the medical result on a very first month of the treatment.

As per the ayurveda, kidney can revive with time. We are the leading Ayurveda pharmaceutical hospital that is treating kidney patients all over the country with natural science and medications. With the enhancement of Ayurveda and personal touch in the treatment leads to the delightful experience by the doctors. Established in the year 1937, this ayurvedic clinic has bloomed with time with the strong patient base that has successfully cured with our approach. We always use the ayurvedic therapy for the kidney disease patients and help them to recover without dialysis and transplant. When we use the 100% organic methods for the treatment, the patient can observe many benefits like the renal tissue start repairing with the Electrolyte Imbalance Management. The urea level and Creatinine starts balancing it as the GFR of the patient improves. Chronic kidney disease is the state where the kidney stops working properly and become incapable for filtering the squander products from the body resulting in infection, swelling in the body, and even death of the patient. If the GFR of the patient become lower than 60 can be the result of the kidney failure.

Ayurvedic medicine for kidney diseases

When the patient come to OPD, we will go for the renal scan DTP and then after the period of 3 months, a repeat test will be conducted. The improvement can be easily seen in the medical reports. With the experience for long years are preeminent in treating patients suffering from this disease. We comprehend that allopathic treatment is very expensive for the patients and can only give a temporary solution to them. We have seen in the medical reports of our patients that kidney can revive with the medication if they are treated with herbs and balance diet. Dr. Puneet Dhawan always advice patients 100% herbal medications and balance diet in order to facilitate patients to recover. He has successfully built the large family of 100% treated patients all over the globe and the brand for himself.

When the functionality of the kidney starts declining, it will result in the accumulation of toxic waste in the body. It also results in the excess loss of water, and high blood pressure that causes kidney failure. The treatment of chronic kidney disease includes the management of high blood pressure and diabetes. Dr. Puneet Dhawan always focuses on the diet plans and lifestyle of the patients that play a significant role in the treatment of patients. It is 100% assured that patients who are at the Dialysis or prescribed the kidney transplant by allopathic doctors can also recover with our herbal medications.

With the help of these three basic principles, karma ayurveda is treating the kidney disease patients all over the world with great triumph rate. According to the karma Ayurveda, the kidney of the human is made from two Dhatus- Rakta and Meda. Treatment of these two Dhatus is very imperative for the kidney disease patients. With the regular herbal medications and health plans, the GFR level of the patient can easily improves and the patients can see that in the medical reports and physical level too.

Natural Treatment of Chronic kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease is very common due to many factors like high blood pressure, diabetes, and environmental toxins. There are many symptoms associated with CKD that includes tiredness, swollen ankles, feet or hands, shortness of breath, sickness, and blood in your urine. It is always prudent to initiate the treatment in the early stage in order to recover fast. When the patients approach at the Karma Ayurveda, they are asked for the medical tests In order to know the stage of kidney disease they are suffering from. With the help of the sample of urine and blood, the CKD stage and condition of the kidney can be diagnosed. Karma Ayurveda has successfully treated both the patients suffering from the early or timely stage of CKD4 or CKD5. All the treatments here at Karma ayurveda are 100% herbal.

These processes are very beneficial for patients and give great success rate that helps us to build a reputed name in the medical industry all over the world. There are many tips that are prescribed by the karma Ayurveda that includes:

Karma Ayurveda work on three basic principles:

  • Treating damage kidney
  • Treating body tissue Dhatus
  • Treatment on the root cause

The treatment of the chronic kidney disease at karma Ayurveda focuses on 3 procedures:

  • Herbal medications
  • Balance diet
  • Regular exercise/ Yoga

General Tips:

  • Body must be hydrated.
  • Don’t hold the urine.
  • Keep the genitalia and pubic organ clean and hygienic
  • Control the sugar and salt level in the diet
  • Avoid the pain killers
  • Alcohol must be avoided

Diet Tips:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables must be consumed more
  • Herbal tea must be consumed
  • Avoid potassium and sodium-rich meal
  • Green gram, lentil, and pink lentil are good for the kidney patients.
Ayurvedic medicine for kidney damage

What we do?

With very long years of experience in treating the patients through herbal medications, we have created a brand name for us making our patients delighted with us.

  • We are available through emails/ Whatsapp also
  • The medication is herbal and customized as per the improvements in the reports
  • Free health plans and diet advice from health experts
  • Detailed information by the well-qualified doctors through call and mail as per the need of the patients
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