Liver Treatment

The liver, hepar is a key organ display in our Body . It is the biggest glandular organ in the body and has a greater number of capacities than some other human organ including Protein union, detoxification and creation of biochemical vital for processing. A man whole blood supply goes through liver a few times each day and at any given time there is about a half quart of blood there.

The liver is vital for survival, there is as of now no real way to adjust for the nonappearance of liver capacity in long haul, albeit new liver procedures can be utilized as a part of short term.

Liver lies beneath the stomach in the stomach pelvic area of guts, liver assumes a noteworthy part in digestion system and has various capacity in the body including glycogen combination, disintegration of red platelets, plasma proteins blend, hormone generation and detoxification.

Illnesses AND Confusion OF LIVER:-

Liver backings practically every organ in the body in view of its area and capacity, the liver is inclined to numerous infections

Jaundice happens alongside numerous ailments of liver brought about by increment levels of bilirubin in the framework. the bilirubin comes about because of the separate of the hemoglobin of dead red platelets, regularly the liver expels bilirubin from the blood by means of bile.

Sicknesses that meddle with liver capacity prompts to deraignment of these procedures. However the liver has an extraordinary ability to recover and has an expansive save limit. Much of the time, the liver just creates manifestations after broad harm

Most basic incorporate hepatitis A,B,C,D,E, liquor harm, greasy liver, cirrhosis, disease, medicate harm uniquely by aceminophen (paracetamol) and tumor drugs.


At karma Ayurveda we are effectively occupied with treating liver issue and we have created meds which prompt to restoration of liver cells which can be found in medicinal reports.

Hepatitis An it is transmitted through nourishment. With our drugs body insusceptible framework builds up the antibodies which slaughter the contamination furthermore creates insusceptibility to hepatic An infection.
Hepatitis B-it is transmitted through direct contact with blood, serum, salivation, defecation, pee and sexual contact .at karma Ayurveda with our pharmaceuticals hepatitis B breaking points and progressive change can be found in medicinal reports.
Hepatitis C-it is transmitted through blood and body liquids in transfusion, infusion, sharing of IV needles and medication clients. In allopathic there is no known successful treatment. at karma Ayurveda with our compelling solutions at first hepatitis C is confined and after that controlled.
Cirrhosis of liver-it is a degenerative liver issue in which there is lost liver capacity and increment imperviousness to blood stream in liver. With our prescriptions liver capacity enhances which can be found in liver Examining (fibro check).